Bio and Contact

Bio and Contact


[email protected]

Dances with Ghosts Gallery

Eden Mills, Ontario

140 YOrk Street, Eden Mills, Ontario, Canada




140 York Street

Eden Mills,  Ontario

Canada    N0B1P0

[email protected]


Janus listens to archetypal, sociological and nature bound foundations and responds with a visual language.


An extraordinary, symbiotic relationship of culture and nature is communicated within Janus’s sculptures, installations and symposiums.


Janus’s work challenges difficult subjects and evokes personal response, promoting a tolerance or reclamation of contemporary nomos.


National and International solo/group exhibitions & private and public collections:

  • CANADA; Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia
  • UNITED STATES; California, New York, Santa Fe NM, Arizona, Florida, Texas
  • ABROAD; Israel, Ireland, Germany, Peru

Career Highpoints:

  • Global, cultural exchanges of art works and conceptual contacting.
  • The creation of Janus Dances with Ghosts Gallery and Sculpture Garden
  • 911 sculptural installation in New York
  • Public art installations in Southern Ontario, Quebec
  • HBA Fine Arts and Art History; McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
  • Acmes: Awards, Juror, Board positions
  • Faculty of Dundas Valley School of Art and Art Gallery of Burlington
  • Conference Symposiums in New York;

Initiate dialogues and creative responses

  • Lecture style group tours and response work;

New York, Santa Fe, Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo