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SPRING TO LIFE: April POP UP WORKSHOPS, Sundays 11AM est, one 2 hour class


SPRING TO LIFE: April 2022

Nature is awakening and blooming in Spring.

This is the perfect time to learn how to record what you see and

celebrate in the beauty that we live in.

TREES 1: charcoal drawings

A wonderful workshop of seeing. How to bring a drawn tree to full expressive life with a large impact.

TREES 2: watercolour

Stepping back and seeing trees within a forested landscape. We will draw out our compositions and bring them to life with watercolour.

OCEANIC: drawn paintings

Soak in the beauty of an underwater world.


A fun class of exploring ancient stories and bringing them to life in whimsical clay sculptures.


How to include nature into a drawn mixed media collage.


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