Dances with Ghosts
Sculpture Gallery 
is moving to Ganges, salt spring island, BC!

 Dances with Ghosts in Eden Mills is closed and is in the process of opening in

Ganges, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Eden Mills, Ontario

Janus's sculpture makes up "Dances with Ghosts" gallery,

which holds a symbiotic relationship with its natural landscape.    

All is found nestled in the southern Ontario hamlet of Eden Mills, Ontario, Canada. 

"Dances with Ghosts" is open daily from 10-6, April-December.  

Janus' hand-held to over life-sized sculptures are worked from

a variety of different clays, woods and bronze. 

Her work is celebrated internationally

and is a feral response to people and place. 

The Ghost's gallery is found in the home and stable of

Eden Mills' first blacksmith,

always an interesting place to wander through and dream.


Janus sculpts onsite and invites visiting artists to work

alongside each other and share their experiences. 

By the Eramosa riverside tree, water and rock

support the creative spirits of all who wander into its midst.

To submit proposals see www.JanusDancesWithGhosts.com