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Where it began...

Bill tells;

“Remember, when you see something in

the corner of your eye though  

you are focused on your work.

After hours you look up and

remember nothing of what you made. 

Ennigohnus/ Janus

“Whadja gee moniss/Danceswith Ghosts”

is a good name,

it's what we do.

Wilmer says, “Bill knows spirit things.” 

We three, have carved together for many years,

our voices are in our work,

very few words are spoken.

William Bondy:

    Ojibwa carver

    Wiki, Manitoulin 

Wilmer Nadjiwon:

     Master carver 

     Past Chief of the Chippewa

     Cape Crocker, Tobermoray


     Sculptor, mixed heritage

     Salt Spring Island, British Columbia,  

     Eden Mills, Dundas, Killarney and

     Shining Tree/Wasakwagama, Ontario