The Nomadic
portraits of myth

The “Portraits of Myth” series,  were  inspired by personal tales from contemporary, land sensitive women
who have traced their ancestry to a wondrous variety of diverse birthplaces. 
In the conviction of their telling, each story becomes myth and
resounds in the physical sculptural  interpretation. 
 The smoked, ghostly cry celebrates our ancestral heritage
and honors the diverse landscapes from which we move and land. 

Each portrait has a true life story

Leia's Song begins with...


A tiny young Pole with a pride filled honourable background

whose family gathered each Friday to eat together and celebrate their God. 

A little one, taken forcibly from her family and placed in a camp.

Beliefs stowed away in a heart closeted from fear and violence.


Wisps’ of hope seeped invisibly through barriers,

young fingers greeted through wire and pain.

Escape swam the two into the Brazilian warmth of creation and child birth.



The last of three, Leia was a fireball of want.

Whatever was denied, stolen and beaten down with fear in her parents…

Leia burst everything apart…

she challenged that boarded up fear,

beat and stole everything back that was all of theirs to claim.

She used the strongest weapon in her control,

her passion and laughter.


From Brazil to Israel to Montreal to Ontario

she gathered each regions cultural landscape into her own sensibility. 

Leia studied the knowledge of teaching. 

She searched and found those who were told they were weak in mind

and taught them their denied strengths.


Dispersed throughout the world’s landscape is evidence of her work…

pillars of incredibly touched souls,

one of those salted spirits found, within in my own family. 


Leia parents her own… and continues to nourish other’s children,

Through a Matriarch Principal-ship she broadens the approaches

and minds of those who follow her family’s traditional religion.

This is Leia’s Nomad, a tribute to our Canadian women’s cultural landscape,

a quiet but presence filled interpretation of Leia’s unfinished song.