People of Mer

Janus creates singular, subtly emotive sculptures that embrace the symbiosis

 of anthropological myth and nature into a contemporary voice.  

A visual bridge of cultures through the recognition of global similarities in ancient tales.  

Stories that tap into a collective unconscious and engage our similarities rather than our differences.


The word Mer in ancient Greek definition is a combining

form meaning “member of a particular group”. 

The maids never swim alone and are a secret,

ancient feminine society that is a safe haven.

The maids offer women the medicine of independence and

relief from the human world.  During dream time a woman or

more rarely a man, regardless of age, will float, sensuously twist and

swim, unencumbered by physical ailments or pain,

debilitating mind-chatter of remembrances, cultural

restrictions and the desperation of loneliness.  This world is

beyond a meditation and is rather a metaphysical collective

or meeting place.