The Point

Salt Spring Gallery

135 McPhillips Ave    250 931 0011

Hours 11-4 Wed to Saturday

March 3-22


Points are tines branching off

the main beam of the antler.

To this exhibition's point,

history lies in the story of 

 a brave, imaginative teller.

One who moves from

branch to branch and point to point.

Avisual teller, povides a platform

to which the viewer leaps

into their private well of experience,

to own the story that stands before them.

An image, a title and a brief poetic

statement helps lead the 

viewer to a personal interpretive adventure.

My stories involve

recognizing, reclaiming and reforming.

These findings build into a visual daydream

of generous power.

I sincerely hope your associative journey

is courageous, empowering and at times, even humorous.